Himalayas 2015

J. Reed Schrichte

Web and mobile software development on the platform of your choice, since 1986.
Sun Certified Java Programmer #SUN010028016
US Air Force 1975
Clients and Employers
Various Projects


A social networking app for the outdoor enthusiast.

LEADS Online

The premier weather data provider for the aviation industry, serving FedEx, United, and the Netherlands national weather service, among many others.

Log Buddy

LogBuddy OTR Truck Driver log app for Android and iPhone/iPad

International Phrasebook

A personal international language phrasebook, fully localized and written in Angular2/Typescript with Redux

Asian Dictionary

A Google App Engine project in GWT and Java. Foreign language is one of my hobbies so I write apps to help support my ongoing education.

Photo Catalog

Summer 2013 in the US SouthWest. I love to travel and this was just a learning project for Angular 1.

Manatee Pics

This is my brother David's site, I consulted with him on it but he is the artist and did all of the work.